Sports Ambassador Programme

We are fortunate to have partnered with Her Moves, a Sport Ireland initiative and are delighted to announce that we are establishing a new, Sports Ambassador Programme.    This is similar to our current Junior Ambassador Programme but our new Ambassadors will be specifically focused upon promoting sports and movement with girls in their schools. 

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F&%k Diets: by Libby

“Ships are safer in the harbour but that is not why they are made” We were not put on this earth to lose weight. To be smaller or quieter or to take up less room than we are supposed to. It’s a scary thought. That there is another, dangerously free life out there. A life where

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HPV Vaccine and You!

As you know, we at The Shona Project are huge advocates for your health. Vicky Phelan was a great friend to Tammy and our organisation as a whole. She was a massive campaigner for women’s health and we want to continue her legacy. We were chatting to our GP and friend, Dr Sharon O’Donnell about

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Help! I feel cranky!

U OK HUN? We all have bad days, you woke up happy and then a couple of things happen one after another and all of a sudden your mood has taken a turn for the worse. The milk was off in your coco-pops, the bus was late and you left your homework on the kitchen

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The Many Shades of Sexuality and Gender

We’re generally not into labels because everyone is different and unique. We shouldn’t need to find a box that we fit neatly inside so that everyone knows and understands us. As a society we’re changing rapidly, trying to find new ways to respect and protect each other. And that’s a good thing. When it comes

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Why You Should Be Dancing!

Whether its a beautifully controlled rendition of Swan Lake in front of an audience or a good old twerk to a bit of Nikki Minaj in your bedroom, there are so many reasons why Dance is good for you. You don’t have to be good at it to reap the benefits. You just have to

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Is It Hormones? Am I Losing My Mind?

No, you’re not crazy. Teenage brains just feel like that sometimes. The teenage years can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you’re happy and the next you’re trying to figure out why everyone around you is so damn irritating! This is all perfectly normal; let us explain.   via GIPHY   The stress of fitting

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‘Talking to My Friends about Weight Gain’ by Megan

Talking to my friends about weight gain. *Trigger warning* This article deals with issues of eating disorders. This post was written a few years ago by Megan, who was an ambassador. Since then, Megan has gone on to travel the world! We just wanted to share again as we feel it is still so relevant

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Why Sport and Movement Are Great For You

Do you ever find yourself in a funk or a mood and have no idea how to get out of it? Well, we have asked our Shona Ambassador and health psychology expert Orna Murray to talk about how movement can unlock way more energy and help you to feel more positive and open. Body &

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Period Advice: Old Timey Addition (Do Not Do Any Of These)

Who doesn’t love having periods? Everyone, that’s who. A couple of weeks ago we shared an old timey article that provided some absolutely bizarre advice for woman of the past on how to bag a husband. This got us wondering how periods were handled in ye olden days when women weren’t allowed to have a voice,

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Why You Should Adopt Body Neutrality This Summer

Body, body, body. What comes to mind when you read that word? Perhaps sports,  health, doctors, or perhaps something far more likely: weight. Why? Diet culture. That”s why. The best way I can describe diet culture is this: it seeps. Snapchat ads of bellies flattening, bottoms rounding, hips thinning, and thighs narrowing. TikTok videos encourage

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Why Do My Breasts Get Sore Just Before A Period?

People who menstruate really are true champs. We deal with everything from leaking to severe back pain, all while participating in everyday life like it’s nothing. How do we do it every month? With menstruating, there are often the normal conversations about back pain and= stomach pain. One thing that not everyone talks about however is

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Period Poverty

What Is Period Poverty?

Periods are a normal bodily function, experienced by about half of the world’s population every month. And yet, we still struggle to be upfront and have open conversations about how they affect our lives. Period products, like pads and tampons, can be expensive and can put people under serious financial pressure. ‘Period poverty’ refers to

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Getting Braces Soon? Here’s What You Should Know

We’ve all heard the horror stories of having braces but here’s some factual information. Look, I’ve been there, the day I found out I had to get braces, I thought my life had ended. I was balling crying to my mam trying to figure out a plan where I could convince my Orthodontist that he

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The HPV Vaccine: A Comprehensive Guide

  You’ve probably heard the advertisements for the HPV vaccine on the radio in recent weeks. We asked our favourite Doc, Dr Sharon O’Donnell to explain it for us…   While there has been a lot of discussion about the HPV vaccine, the fact of the matter is that it will undoubtedly save lives and

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Routines That are Damaging Your Brain

8 Habits That are Damaging Your Brain

Routines may be boring at times, but for some of us, they help us to plan and stop us from stressing too much about how our day is going to pan out. Also, our brains have, quite frankly, enough to be dealing with. All of those routines become habits, and some are good, but some

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Social media

Things I Wish I Knew about Social Media Earlier

Social media is everywhere around us these days – Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat… the list is endless. We are all guilty of spending too much time scrolling through the latest posts or checking how many likes our recent selfie has gotten. But it was when I started to spend hours obsessing over what my friends

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