5 Self-Defence Moves Every Girl Should Know

We’ve all seen the clip from Miss Congeniality where Gracie Harte played by Sandra Bullock takes us through the self-defence technique ‘SING’. We hold our hands up and we admit to giggling at the scene as Gracie throws her partner around the stage during the demonstration. But how important is it for young women to

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You've Got This! by Tammy Darcy, founder of the Shona Project

Hey, I wrote a book… no really!! By Tammy

When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to be was a writer. I loved books, and would devour them often in one sitting, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton were my favourites. We used to travel from the South to the West of Ireland every summer to visit family, and we had a

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Why Is Yoga Good For You? – By Fiona

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. We have the most amazing group of ambassadors who have such an amazing range of talent. We even happen to have our very own Yogi, @missfiyoga .  So with lockdown 3.0 in full flow, we thought we would give yoga a go. We asked Fiona, “why

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Angelina Jolie Has Some Advice For Anyone Experiencing Abuse

We all know Angelina Jolie has always had a passion for raising awareness regarding social issues, especially through her work with the United Nations Human Rights Campaign. She’s currently promoting the UN’s 16 Days of Activism campaign “to prevent and end violence against women and girls,” and during an interview, she gave some advice for anyone who

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Shameless - Feature Image

Shameless – A Transition Year Project

We have some brilliantly inspiring young girls on this Island of ours and recently, a group of TY girls from the Sacred Heart School in Tullamore reached out to us. As a part of their Transition Year course, they have to work on a programme where they are challenged to take on a social issue

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Perfect - The Shona Project

The One Word We Need To Cut From Our Vocab…

What’s your least favourite word? We’ve been talking about this and came up with the following… Moist…. Orifice…. Methinks….. Fab….. Smeg…… The C-word, (you know yourself). But if we had to choose one word to eradicate from the vocabulary of every teenage girl it would be this… We girls put ourselves under huge pressure to

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What is the Discord image leak? By Daisy

We’ve all seen and heard the outrage on social media this week about thousands of leaked photos of Irish females. It has once again highlighted the need for more education around consent, respect and confidentiality. Daisy has been following online, here’s what you need to know…. So… What’s Going On?? Basically, a big file was

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Understanding Eating Disorders - TSP

Understanding Eating Disorders Workshop

“Understanding Eating Disorders” A workshop hosted by Sarah Doyle & Steph Golds in association with The Shona Project   Eating disorders are complex issues that affect many people. They can be quite difficult to understand, both for the people who experience them, and the people who care about those who experience them. At this workshop

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Ireland's newest TikTok Challenge

Ireland’s Newest TikTok Challenge – Shine4Shona

  Have we got news for you! We think it’s about time that The Shona Project gets with the times, joins TikTok, and creates Ireland’s Newest TikTok Challenge, do you agree? We can’t let Jason Derulo and our very own ambassador, Ruth Codd have all the fun! To celebrate our new TikTok channel (you can

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What 2020 Has Taught Our Ambassadors

So 2020 is something we thought could only exist in a movie. Australia caught on fire, we lost NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and friends in a helicopter crash, there was a huge explosion in Beirut that caused over 200 deaths and a massive amount of devastation and not to forget, to top off the

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Hey! Watch Lizzo on Letterman, here’s why…

If you don’t know who Lizzo is, then you must be living under a rock. The self-named bad b*tch is a total inspiration for body positivity aswell as ALL of the other things and we love her for it. Her realness and ability to call people out when they try to body shame her is

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Tips To Get Your Day Off To A Great Start

Mornings, ughhhhhhh! Is there anything more annoying than that one person who is insanely perky and happy first thing in the morning when all you want to do is be a zombie for a while and drink your tea/coffee and wake up properly? We recommend you sit down for this one because we are going

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Secrets of Teen Girls by Róisín Curran

We were put in contact with Róisín, a Transition Year student, about a project she was working on. Her teacher was astounded with her work and thought it needed to be shared with the world, and wow, we think the same! We hopped into action and contacted Róisín because we needed to know why she

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Tell Me About It – A Shona Project Podcast

Have we got news for you! 😉 You’re going to have to sit down for this one.  Are you ready?   Thanks to our podcast extraordinaire Samantha Tabaldo, we are ready to drop our first ever series of our new Shona Project podcast “Tell Me About It”.   Our first series focuses on women that

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Weight Gain – A Chat With Friends by Megan

Talking to my friends about weight gain.  (I changed their names to keep their privacy!)   I have gained and lost weight countless times since the age of 13. There were times in my recovery from anorexia where weight gain happened without trying, and times where no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t

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Tampons & Periods by Helen Keeble

Period talk can be a little awkward. It really shouldn’t be. Sometimes we feel too embarrassed to ask questions or ask for help because really, the world makes us feel like girls are just expected to know everything about periods. Well, don’t you worry! We have the perfect lady to fill you in on all

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Meditation For Your Mind, Body And Soul

So, is it just me, or is the go-to solution that is at the tip of everyone’s tongue for when you say you are stressed is, “have you tried meditation?”. That then is often followed by an eye roll, a scoff, or a combination of both by the stressed person. Don’t lie, we know that’s

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Show Us Your Bellies – The TikTok Duet Chain We Should All Know About

@see.en.nuh@xobrooklynne this is no doubt better than any other tik tok chain created♬ Side to Captain Hook – sound.remixes   Having a belly that hangs over your jeans is normal. Having a belly that doesn’t is normal too. Having any kind of belly is, you guessed it, normal! Having an endless TikTok scrolling session is

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