Being a young woman in Ireland can be really tough….

Here at Shona, we celebrate women from all over the world, those who succeed and those who overcome, those who lead and those who think, those who win and those who learn. We share our stories so that we don’t feel alone. We laugh, learn, try and cry together.

Figuring out who we are, and where we fit into this world is hard, and there are so many challenges; anxiety, depression, body image, self-esteem, boys, family drama, social media, exams stress, hormones, sexuality, relationships, bullying and feeling like we don’t fit in.

The world (and Instagram) tells us we should have it all figured out by now, and that we should be perfect, which none of us will ever be. Really, we should be helping each other to be smart, strong and, above all else, kind.

When girls support each other, there’s no limit to what we can achieve

We know exactly how it feels to struggle and feel alone, because we’ve been there. We believe that we all need to give ourselves a break, and take care of ourselves, and of each other, to celebrate each other’s differences, and to support each other so we can all achieve everything our quirky little hearts desire.

What do we do?

  • We visit schools all around Ireland to meet and talk to girls about how to find their place and identity. We encourage girls to be kind to each other, and especially to themselves. To date we have worked with over 25,000 girls in every corner of Ireland.
  • Each year, we hold the fantastic SHINE Festival, bringing together Irelands most inspiring women to speak to our girls, we dance, cry, meditate and celebrate together. Its epic. In 2021, Shine Digital had 100 speakers, 40,000 attendees and 1 million video loads in 3 days.
  • Our handbook has been delivered to 30,000 1st year girls in Ireland as a support while they transition into a new and important phase of their lives.
  • Our summer school is a powerful week for the girls of Ireland to work on confidence, kindness, resilience and self esteem. We are always looking for more venues as we grow. Contact us for more details.


Watch us in action here…

The story behind The Shona Project is a very special one, you can read about it here.

Since our launch in 2016 we’ve gone from strength to strength and won countless awards and accolades. Here is just a selection.

  • In 2021 our founder Tammy, received the Irish Red Cross Humanitarian of The Year Award
  • That same year we also won the Red Cross award for Innovation for Change
  • In 2021 we were recognised as being one of the Top 100 women in SOcial Enterprise in Europe and 100 Women who are changing Ireland.
  • In 2021 Shine Festival scooped the gold award for Digital and Social Innovation at the IMRO awards
  • In 2019 we received the award for CEO of the year at the Irish Womens awards.
  • Rethink Awardee 2018/ 2019
  • Image Magazine Social Entrepreneur of the year Finalist 2018/ 2019/2022


We’ve also met royalty, made TV shows and been projected on the GPO in Dublin! But we’re most proud of the tens of thousands of girls across Ireland who are standing taller and being kinder because of our work. Talk to us at or sign up to our newsletter here.

I have a beautiful soul, a brilliant mind, and an open heart.

I acknowledge that I am an ever-growing and always-learning work in progress.

I own my flaws, but I will succeed in spite of, and maybe because of, my weaknesses. They do not define me.

I promise to lift up other girls, to have their backs, to appreciate & celebrate our differences and to encourage them to always be themselves.

I will always be myself.

I promise to be kind, not just to others, but also to myself.

I will use my voice in a positive way and be a positive influence in this world.

I am enough.


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