The Shine Festival Wellbeing Lesson Plans!

Tash, our Education manager is a former teacher and knows how hard, but important it is to keep classes engaging with authentic and targeted conversations!

Therefore, we have put together a pack full of lesson plans that links our Digital Shine Festival with the Learning Outcomes (LOs) for Wellbeing

We have included suggested questions for class discussion and reflective journal prompts. These provide an opportunity to delve further into the topic at hand.

Our Shine interviews are all recorded with women who are experts in their fields, doing incredible work in Ireland and around the world. Their insights will undoubtedly inspire students to become the best versions of themselves as they will see the topics they care about represented, whilst meeting the needs of the Wellbeing curriculum. It’s a win-win

So far the subjects covered are SPHE, CSPE, Career Guidance, PE and the Arts/ Drama. The SPHE and CSPE subject packs are linked with specific Learning outcomes. While the Guidance, PE and Arts/ Drama are listed thematically. We don’t have a video to match every learning outcome on the curriculum but we are working on it! 


The files are stored in a Google Drive Here.

You can access videos by double clicking the video name which is underlined and in bold! 

We have saved each pack  in PDF format so that you can easily browse, selecting ctrl>F and typing a keyword to find the relevant LO or video


So how does it all work? 

  • We have designed these packs to be super user friendly and thought-provoking. For every video we have a suggested journal prompt and question for class discussion. 
  • The only resources students need is a device to watch the video on and a notebook/ journal. 
  • Most of our videos are 20 mins long, while the journal prompts and class discussion take approximately 10 mins each. 
  • This means that it can take up your 40 minute class period. Although, there’s scope to shorten if necessary. For those of you teaching 1 hour classes, there’s plenty of scope to expand the discussion and perhaps have students do some extended research on the topic. This could be done in groups, pairs or individually. 
  • You could also set these tasks as homework for your students or use them as a starting point for a wider project on the topic. The opportunities are endless! 


Subject specific details are noted below: 


SPHE All LOs are included apart from 2.8, 2.9 and 4.5. We are working to rectify this by October 2023. Have fun exploring these! 


CSPEOur current Shine videos don’t hit every single LO on the CSPE curriculum but we are continuing to grow our Shine content and more videos relating to the CSPE curriculum will be available in October 2023. For now, enjoy those that are there! 


PE These videos contain discussions with inspirational sports women. The videos don’t match the LOs but we think they are super inspirational for highlighting women in Sport. Perhaps they could be used at the start of a class or assigned for when you’re out and a substitute teacher is covering for you! 


Guidance These videos contain career journey stories from inspirational women. We haven’t matched them to LOs but know that they will be super helpful when guiding students on their potential career journey.


Arts/Drama– These videos shed light on some incredible Irish women working in the arts. We haven’t matched them to any LO but think they could be useful for highlighting potential careers or areas that students might want to focus upon. 


If you have any ideas around other themes our videos could discuss, let us know and we can seek out an expert woman to interview! You can do this by reaching out to us at or sending us a message @shonadotie on socials! 

Check out all of the other ways schools can engage with us at The Shona project HERE.


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