Why Maysen is Walking from Cork to Donegal…

Can we all just take a second to appreciate Maysen Forbes, who is currently walking 560 miles from the bottom to the top of Ireland, to raise awareness and funds for Mental Health Ireland. Maysen, who has suffered with “anxiety, depression and self-harm” in the past, is just over half way through her monster hike, which

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Why I Shared my Story: By Ash

Last week, at the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland awards, the lights went dim, and Aisling’s video was shared across three massive screens with 600 strangers. Her honesty and bravery blew the entire audience away on the night, and since then, over 6 thousand (and still rising) people have watched it on the SEI Facebook page. The

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Who is Rosie the Riveter?

Everyone knows the iconic ‘Rosie The Riveter’ picture., the inspirational poster from the American government that encouraged women to enter the workforce during World War 2. The poster fast became a cultural icon and one of the most famous feminist symbols of the war era. Over the years the photo has been recreated by many

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