Five years ago, Megan was diagnosed with an eating disorder. At the time she was very, very ill, and she faced a long battle to get well again.

When we started The Shona Project in 2016, Megan was one of the first to sign up as an ambassador, and has shared her story (Here, here, here, here, and here) time and time again in a bid to help others who are experiencing similar challenges and raise understanding of Anorexia. We have learned so much from her.

According to Megan, one of the things that kept her going through these tough years has been her dream to travel. Tomorrow, she will travel to Vietnam to teach English for 6 months, and we couldn’t be more excited for her.

Megan, all of us here at Shona are so proud of you. You are so ready for this. Despite what people might think, you are far from delicate. You have spent 5 years fighting when many would have given up. Your strength has gotten you through difficulties because you stayed focused on your dream and believed there were better days to come. You have bravely shared your story and felt the freedom that comes with refusing to hide your vulnerabilities, but recognizing that they are part of your story, and something to be proud of.

This is your time, go kick ass.

Lots of love

The Shona Team x

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