I recently bought a book entitled ‘Give Me a God I Can Relate To’, it is a poetry book by an amazing woman named Blythe Baird. I know most young people are turned off by the mere mention of the word “poetry”, but Blythe is a woman who would change most girls’ perception of the word.

Blythe is 20 years old and is studying creative writing and women’s studies in Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota. She not only writes, but also performs her poetry extremely well in a way that gives you chills when you listen. You can tell that every word she speaks comes from her soul, as she writes about her life experiences and doesn’t sugar-coat her past. The language is simple, yet expressed in a unique and interesting way.

Blythe writes about her suffering with an eating disorder, about feminism, sexuality, love and teenagehood. Those who relate to her words will connect deeply to Blythe, while those who do not relate will be educated on such topics, and without a doubt eye-opened.

After listening to her on Button Poetry’s YouTube channel, I knew straight away I had to buy the book; once I was hooked there was no going back!

By Megan

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