So we’ve done lipstick and we’ve done eyeliner. This week, in Oral Gaelge prep, we’re sharing “Foundation part 1”. Ta failte romhat!

Does my aghaidh look deas in this?

Let’s get down to gnó. Bonnsmideadh is serious stuff. Tosnóimid leis an stair. Bonnsmideadh goes back na céadta bliana ó shin! It was actually used throughout the Middle Ages in Europe to make people’s skin look more bán – it was a status symbol as it indicated you didn’t work outside in solas na gréine. But we have a fear called Carl Baudin to thank for our modern version of bonnsmideadh. He was ag obair in the Leipziger Stadt amharclann in an Ghearmáin and he was annoyed that you could see the joint between his folt bréige and his clár éadain, so he invented gréisclí! Max Factor – nó Maksymilian Faktorowicz – also worked sa amharclann and he was the first person to make bonnsmideadh commercially le fáil. His product ‘Pan-cake’ was in such demand for personal use by the aisteoirí that he patented it in 1937 and it is still on sale inniu!

The rud deachair about bonnsmideadh is that there are so many dathanna and foirmle available. It can be a bit scary to walk into a siopa to find the magic one for your craiceann, so here’s our miondealú to help you out



1. Cen cineál craiceann atá agat?

There are three broad catagóirí that most brandaí will use: Tirim, olúil and comhcheangal. There is a simple way to find out what the scéal is with your craiceann. Nigh d’aghaidh and wait uair amháin. How does your skin feel? If it’s ag mothú tight and/or looks red in the scáthán, it is likely that you have craiceann tirim. However, if you are lonrach when you look in the scáthán, take a fíochán and wipe your face. The areas where you are olúil are important. If it is only your srón and clár éadain but you feel tight everywhere else, this is region olúil is your T-zone and it means you are comhcheangal. If you are lonrach all over then your skin type is olúil. The reason this is so tábhachtach to know for bonnsmideadh is because the different foirmle will sit better if you have the right one for your skin. Foirmle neamhlonrach will help keep shininess at bay for cailíní olúil whereas foirmle maoithe will reduce flakiness and tightness on craiceann tirim.

2. What’s my dath?

Everyone’s craiceann is éagsúl in dath agus fo-thon. Knowing your dath is everything. Some companies will only have limited dathanna, (smaoineamh: Light, Medium, Medium Dark agus Dark! 🤦🏻‍♀️) Áfach, le deanaí, some companies are coming out with a ollmhór selection of dathanna cosúile le Maybelline Fit Me, L’Óreal True Match, Huda Beauty Utterly Flawless, and Fenty Beauty Pro Filter (from our favourite banríon, Rihanna!). For the most part, there are trí types of fo-thon: 1) teolaí, 2) fionnuar nó 3) neodrach. Uaireanta companies have go leor dathanna of bonnsmideadh but specialise in one type of fo-thon. We’ve attached a handy chart to cabhrú leat to find your fo-thon.


3. What cineal clúdach do I want?

Arís, everyone’s preference is different. Maybe you love to have clúdach ard and maybe you love clúdach íseal. It’s up to you! If you’re looking for a more nádúrtha look with clúdach íseal, maybe a BB cream is best for you. Áfach, sometimes it is really deacair to find a variety of dathanna of BB creams which sucks. Some bonnsmideadh are multi-functional aonnbheannaigh – they can be both clúdach íseal and buildable to make clúdach ard!

It is tábhachtach to remember however, is that what works amazing for you, might be an awful sweaty praiseach ormsa! Everyone’s skin is unique and you need to find the right bonnsmideadh for you. Bain trial as, find the one you like that’s in your price point and enjoy looking galánta!!!

But it is most tabhachtach to remember that your skin is álainn. No matter the dath, no matter the fo-thon. Whether you have bricíní, aicne nó coilm, your skin is yours and even though uaireanta it is deacaire, it is so important to bí sásta in your craiceann fhéin!

You can find our more here, or in the video below…

What the Focal?

Aghaidh – face

Deas – nice

Gnó – business

Bonnsmideadh – foundation (literally ‘base makeup)

Tosnóimid leis an stair – We will begin with the history

na céadta bliana ó shin – 100s of years ago

Bán – white

solas na gréine – sunlight

fear – man

ag obair – working

amharclann – theatre

an Ghearmáin – Germany

folt bréige – wig

clár éadain – forehead

gréisclí – greasepaint

le fáil – available

aisteoirí – actors

inniu – today

rud deachair – difficult thing  

dathanna – colours

foirmle – formulae

siopa – shop

craiceann – skin

miondealú – breakdown

Cen cineál craiceann atá agat? – What type of skin have you got?

catagóirí – categories

brandaí – brands

Tirim – dry

olúil – oily

comhcheangal – combination

scéal – story

Nigh d’aghaidh – clean your face

uair amháin – one hour

ag mothú – feeling

scáthán – mirror

lonrach – luminous

fíochán – tissue

srón – nose

tábhachtach – important

Foirmle neamhlonrach – matte formulae

foirmle maoithe – moisturising formulae

éagsúl in dath agus fo-thon – different in colour and undertone

smaoineamh – think

Áfach, le déanaí – however, recently

ollmhór – very big  

cosúile le – like

banríon – Queen

trí – three

fo-thon – undertone

teolaí, fionnuar nó neodrach – wam, cool or neutral

Uaireanta – sometimes

go leor – enough

cabhrú – help

cineal clúdach – type of coverage

Arís – again

clúdach ard – full coverage

clúdach íseal – light coverage

nádúrtha – natural

aonnbheannaigh – unicorns

praiseach ormsa –  a shambles on me

Bain trial as – try it out

galánta – fancy

álainn – beautiful

bricíní, aicne nó coilm – freckles, acne or scars

bí sásta – be happy

craiceann fhéin – your own skin


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