If you’re studying Irish in School and trying to get the hang of some handy terms for the oral’s, we may be able to help you.

Dr Claire, our science queen  has teamed up with the fabulous Gearóidín McEvoy to bring us some quality Irish content that’s not mind blowingly irrelevant or boring. They decided to start with an eyeliner tutorial, so yeah, useful on some many levels. everyone’s a winner. If you would like more Irish content to help you study, please let us know, we aim to please! (The words are translated below, could we be more helpful?)

Getting to grips with línitheoir súl is tough obair. Lots of people can do the ‘flic’ but we know it isn’t as easy as some daoine make it look. Let’s break it sios.

Choose your uirlis

  • A peann luaidhe is very bog. It won’t give you the sharpest líne, but it is very éasca to draw across the caipín súile. It does take a while to be tirim.
  • Línitheoir súl leachta will be very géar, but it is something that takes t-am to get used to, especially because it really doesn’t take long for it to be tirim!
  • A peann is the perfect cothromaíocht of a líne géar and good control over cá mhéad product comes out, with a medium drying am.


Feach ar do súile

  • Everyone has different cruthanna so take a good look in the scáthán.
  • If you are going for a winged or súil chait look, the uillinn of the flic will depend on your eye shape.
  • We like this físeán on Youtube which gives you a smaoineamh of what is possible!

Ag tarraint an sciathán

  • Tosaigh on the outer corner of your eye leis an flic. Tosaigh an flic at the caipín súile and flick it out – that way you will get the thinnest part of your line on the end of the flick. The uillinn and length of your flic is up to you!
  • Nuair atá tú happy with your flic, connect the end of the flick back to your eyelid to create the sciathán.
  • Next, tarraing the line along your fabhra line. Be careful to make sure it gradually gets thicker from the inner corner to the wing. Cleachtadh a dhéanann máistreacht, so don’t be disheartened if it isn’t perfect first time.
  • Fill in the blank spaces and TÁ TÚ DÉANTA AGUS TÁ TÚ GALÁNTA


Cabhair breise:

We love this Youtuber as she has some great smaointe!

Thataylaa – Easy Drugstore Winged Eyeliner 

Some great eyeliners we recommend:

Brush liquid línitheoir súl: Rimmel Glam Eyes Eyeliner

Gel pot línitheoir súl: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Slán, Claire agus Gearóidín x

What the focal?

línitheoir súl – eyeliner

obair – work

flic – flick

daoine – people

sios – down

uirlis – tool

peann luaidhe – pencil

bog – soft

líne – line

éasca – easy

caipín súile – eyelid

tirim – dry

línitheoir súl leachta – liquid eyeliner

géar – sharp

t-am/am – time

peann – pen

cothromaíocht – balance

líne géar – sharp line

cá mhéad – how much

Feach ar do súile – look at your eyes

cruthanna – shapes

scáthán – mirror  

súil chait – cats eye

físeán – video

smaoineamh/smaointe – idea/ideas

Ag tarraint an sciathán – drawing the wing

Tosaigh – to begin

uillinn – angle

Nuair atá tú – when you are

sciathán – wing

fabhra – eyelash

Cleachtadh a dhéanann máistreacht – Practice makes perfect (Old Irish proverb!)


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