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Okay, can we all agree that we are constantly being told to drink water and why it is so important to stay hydrated? Why does anyone need to be told to drink more water? It’s obvious, right? Well, this may seem boring to you, but let’s explore why it’s so important.

It will wake up your brain: If you’re struggling to concentrate in school/ college/ work, you might just be a little dehydrated. Studies have shown that drinking water helps to improve your cognitive ability and mental functions. Oh, hey there, seven H1s in the Leaving Cert!


It improves your physical performance: Drinking more water helps your heart to pump more strongly, which delivers more oxygen to the muscles. It also keeps your body cool and lubricates your joints.


It makes your skin glow: The beauty industry doesn’t want you to know this, as they make money from every face mask you buy, but the best way to get moisture to your skin is to drink it. It gives your skin that healthy glow and makes it plumper and brighter.


It helps digestion: If you sometimes feel a little “backed up”, it could be because your system needs more liquid to flush it out. Dehydration can feel like hunger, which makes you eat more, which can back you up even more, and on it goes.


It makes you feel amazing: with all the regular pooping, the glowing skin and the straight As, how could you not feel on top of the world?


It’s free: You guys, it literally comes out of a tap!


How to tell if you’re not drinking enough.

  1. First of all, look at your pee. The lighter it is, the more hydrated you are. If it’s quite yellow, hit the tap.
  2. You have a dry mouth.
  3. Other symptoms of dehydration include; fatigue, headaches, constipation, dry skin, muscle cramps and joint pain.

Set yourself a water goal every day (2 litres for an A+ from us!), carry your water bottle everywhere, and get as much into you as possible.


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