Selfie culture has taken over our lives, and we all have to admit that sometimes that candid photo we just shared took 362 takes from 578 angles with 11 different filters. Look, there’s no harm in wanting to put your best side out. As long as we keep some form of perspective, and as long as the quest to make the reality reflect the filtered doesn’t become an obsession.

Case in point, here is a selfie I took recently…

I know right? Hottie or what?

Heres another selfie I took 3 minutes later, in the same room, with same same outfit and make up. Be prepared….

So sorry about that, I know, not good.

In reality I look like neither of these people. Think somewhere in the middle and you might be close. The difference is due 100% to angle, lighting and filters.

We need to be able to take the mick out of ourselves from time to time, show all sides of ourselves. The hashtag #prettygirlsuglyfaces features a slew of girls who are perfectly happy to show the good, the bad, and the downright scary. Like this……

My Sister Is Unbelievable

Or this…..

I've Missed You, Can I Have A Kiss?

or even this..

Transformation Nearly Complete

And for bonus points…

So, So Proud

Come on ladies, lets not take ourselves too seriously. Show us your best ugly selfie, we dare you.. The best will win a prize……..*

Tammy x



*Yeah, there is no prize, that was a lie. Soz.

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