I recently heard someone talk about how they’re sick of seeing people post about their mental illnesses on social media. As if it is the new “fashionable” thing. If mental health was fashionable why haven’t I heard from Cosmopolitan to be on the cover of their magazine?

Mental health is the worst. It sucks so bad. But you’ve got to have an outlet. A way to express yourself safely and healthily. I personally play football or I sing and play music. I love to awfully dance. I enjoy a good time and that’s my outlet. I also write about it, like I am right now. Johnny Depp and Emma Stone make movies and Kurt Cobain made music. It’s important to have an outlet and if your outlet is putting “I’m not okay” on Facebook for your friends and family to realise that they’ve got to be there for you, well then do it. If you’re expressing yourself safely then do it 24/7 all day every day for the world to see it and hear it.

Don’t worry about what people are going to think about what you’re writing, posting or saying the ones that matter will be there for you and they won’t leave you down. People are going to be confused and may not understand. No two people are the same and the way they react to things are bound to be different too.

Just remember, do what makes you happy and feel good. Most importantly, Feck the begrudgers.

Ash x

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