Ode to the girl I wish I was

I am robot woman, humming the song of war

I’ve been here before

A million times and tries

A million smiles and lies

I don’t want to play games.


I am soldier woman, I have will power of steel

And I don’t feel remorse for those I cut away.

I won’t follow orders,

I stand up when told to sit down,

I scream when I’m told to be quiet.


I am robot woman, watch me resist like only metal can.

Nettles can’t sting me.

Because I am made of elements you haven’t even heard of.

You can’t tempt me or persuade me.

Please torture me, because fortunately,

I feel pain, but steel doesn’t blame

Its fame On strength.

Steel was made because there was weakness.

So watch the bullets hit me

Watch me dent and bend

But never break.


Metal doesn’t snap, it simmers and slowly melts

And I felt my heart dissolve as I resolved

To fight

And light  my life on fire

Because gold forged in flames is stronger

And lasts longer.


I am robot woman, watch me get my own way

Watch me slice through souls of ice

I’m not nice, I’m powerful

Metal isn’t sweet

And the heat that it absorbs

Converts to energy that’s used to save lives

And I crave highs as much as the next human

But I shatter myself, and clatter the pieces

All over the world, I hurled my heart

Onto a canvas, called it art

Because I knew it was beautiful.


I reshaped my soul, It’s made of tin

And its a sin to try and recreate God’s work

So I lurk, in the shadows

And on the edge of a crowd

Hiding my love

Until push comes to shove

And I wrestle the old man above

For my right

To break

My mongrel, homemade heart.


I am robot woman, full of numbers

Of ammunition

And ambition

And competition,

I am indestructible.


And so many have tried

To soften me

They’ve ended up in a coffin see,

I don’t do what I’m told.

My blood is liquid gold

I am priceless

And powerful

And you should hear me

When I say fear me

Because robot woman

Is on a mission

To stop wishin

For a better world

And to instead, burn the old one.

Murder hate,

Slaughter fate

And create

A new life

For her robot dream.


This poem was written by writer, spoken word artist, Shona Ambassador and secondary school student, Libby Marchant
Cover Photo by Artist Shehzil Malik

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