We heard this one time that there is more material on youtube at the moment than has ever been shown in the history of TV.

Think abut that for one second. Who even has time to digest all of that information? Watching gamers playing games, watching gamers watching gamers watching games, stoned teenage lads faceplanting while trying to skateboard down 30 concrete steps (hello? lads? they’re bleeding steps? What did you expect?).

For us, there is one reason why Youtube was created. And that reason is Melanie Murphy.

Melanie became an overnight success in 2014 when a post she shared about acne went viral. People were drawn to her honesty, her humour, her vulnerability and the fact that she is cute as a button. Melanie is the friend you never knew you needed.

Here are a few of our favourites:


Melanie nails the conversation on sexuality and the fact that you own your own sexual preference, you own your own individuality, and most importantly, you don’t owe anyone an explanation.



This right here, is what the world needs from its young women. None of us are born fully formed humans. Our bodies grow and develop for about 15-16 years, we blossom, then we start to age, sag, fail, struggle. Our souls, on the other hand will grow and learn from the second we are born to our last breath. We learn from the good and the bad, from our successes and our failures, from our moment of triumph, and the moments that we cry alone in the dark, because we learned a vital life lesson the hard way. And that’s okay.


Melanie shows every side of her life, including her struggles with mental health. Like most people, she has her ups and downs, issues with food, periods of depression and the usual insecurities, worries and anxieties that every girl on earth deals with at one time or another. Not only does she give you insights into how this feels, she also tells you how to support a friend or family member when they need it.


For centuries, women have been defined by how they look and weight is a massive issue for many of us in terms of our self esteem, a couple of pounds in either direction can dictate our mood. When will this stop? When we have more honest discussions like this one.

Melanie has covered all of your issues; acne, periods, weight gain, sex, food, relationships, and positivity. If you’re not already obsessed with her, meet Melanie here.

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