January Winters is one of Ireland’s most successful models. We were wondering if modelling as a career really is the glam life we thought it was. So we asked her. Here’s what she has to say….. 

Let me be honest, modelling isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I originally thought models flew around in private jets drinking champagne all day but I quickly learned that’s not the case. It’s got a glamorous rep but in reality it’s a tough job. For 99% of models there’s a lot of waiting around and a lot of rejection. It can make you really self conscious and you spend a lot of the time freezing your ass off! I’ve shot in the snow, hailstones, insane winds and have worn swimwear outside right after Christmas. You’d be lucky to have a changing room some of the time! When you’re shooting outdoors you’re mostly changing in the back of someones car, or at the side of the road with a team of people holding up a jacket around you to cover you up. People often say how they’d love to get their hair and make up done everyday but when it’s EVERYDAY it can be exhausting. Someone is always centimeters away from your face, pulling or burning your hair and it can get quite claustrophobic.

All this being said, I do love my job. I’ve met some of my best friends through work. It’s enabled me to travel and experience so many different countries. I’m always doing something different and I never wake up dreading work which is very important.  It’s made me a more confident person, I can be thrown in a room with 50 strangers and have fun (I was quite shy before and that’s something I could never have done).  It goes without saying that there are definitely a lot of perks to working in fashion. From doing so many shows, when I go shopping I’m a ninja in the changing room. Hate to brag but I’m also an expert at standing on one leg in a high heel!

When I was kid I always wanted to be a model but I had no older sisters or anyone to tell me how to get into it properly.  Here’s a bit of advice if you think it’s something that might interest you.

Firstly, like every job you need the right specifications to get hired, whether that’s college credentials or first hand experience. It’s important to know that modelling is the EXACT same. A model agent has a specific look, body shape and height requirements. Not having these does NOT mean you’re not beautiful. Try not to let refusals get you down. If you do want to approach an agency, do your research. Look at who they have on their books, where they are based and do you fit in to their age requirements. A lot of agencies will have open day info posted on their websites. Arrive with clean hair, no make up and wear something simple, you can also send in some simple snaps but you shouldn’t pay for anything! Aim for the best but prepare for rejection.

I’ve been turned down by hundreds of agencies, thousands of jobs and even more clients. It’s all part of it. It’s the toughest part of the job. Like everything in life there’s going to be rejection but please know that some form of rejection has happened everyone else you know. You are not on your own. I’m always here to give any advice, (It might take me a while but I’ll get back to you)!

Here’s a little video I did with Yellow Machine PR about modelling, me and the industry!

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