Earlier this week, Primark shared an photo of a beautiful model wearing some items from their Autumn range. The photo was an instant hit with over 114 thousand likes and thousands of positive comments.

Why was this photo so popular? Because it features Kelly Knox, a model with a disability. Kelly was born without one arm, and is already massively successful as a model, a speaker and an advocate for diversity. This photo proves that there is room in the industry for women who are different, and that we all can, and should, be represented.

In an interview with Metro.co.uk, Kelly said, ‘I feel so lucky and grateful to be represented by a major agency who believes in me and my beauty. Who believes in the power and strength of diversity and is passionate about challenging beauty ideals and breaking barriers in the industry.’

We all need role models, leaders and heroes to look up to, to enable us to dream that anything and everything is possible. Beauty is not one dimensional. ‘It is time to stop aspiring to perfection. ‘It is time to support and empower each other, relishing in every so called flaw or imperfection.

In this video made for Hufffington Post, Kelly says that she never felt disabled. While her body had a small piece missing, she knew that her soul was “whole and complete and powerful and limitless”. “I’m not ashamed of my body, I’m ashamed of how society views disability”.

When the media that represents our world is full of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, it makes for a richer, and more beautiful picture. Bravo Penneys (aka Primark). And Bravo Kelly xxx




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