When you think of role models for young girls, Barbie is not exactly top of the list. She has long been criticized for her ridiculously unattainable proportions and lack of nipples or other bits. However, these days she’s making a huge effort to be relatable and we’re kind of on board with it.

Barbie is now a vlogger, and its not what you think. Well, some of it is what you think. But some of it is definitely not what you think….

In some of her videos, Barbie gets really deep and gives some pretty decent life advice.

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Covering issues such as mental health, bullying and how us girls can be really really mean sometimes, Barbie is actually hitting some nails square on the head. Here’s some of our favourite videos…

1. The time she got serious about the down days

If Barbie’s life isn’t perfect is anybody’s? Well no. That’s the whole point. We love that Barbie recognised that we all have bad days, and that’s okay, and it will pass.

2. The time she challenged women and girls to stop apologising all the time

This is a really powerful video, we do say sorry to much. According to Barbie this is a “learned reflex”. Barbie says that we need to stop with the sorry’s and start saying “Thank you” instead. Try it today.

3. When she discussed the difference between joking around and bullying

Sometimes, us girls make comments that are just plain mean and then say we were only joking when we realise we’ve hurt someone. Not okay. Good point Barbs.

4. When she us that we can be anything we want to be

We love that Barbie used her platform to highlight some amazing female role models. Shouldn’t every woman with a platform use her voice in this way?

5. When she spoke about empowerment

You guys? We can’t believe we’re saying this but we may be falling a little in love with this chick. Did she just quote Michelle Obama?

Here’s a greatest hits compilation of her wisest moments:

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