I first met Anitta at a workshop I did in St Pauls, Waterford in October. I spotted her straight away as she is full of life & energy, and has the eyes of an old soul. She stood up and spoke to the class and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. She came to talk to me after the workshop and shared her story with me. Anitta has had a hard life, and a particularly hard year. But she is a fighter and she will come through it.

When Global Village on Newstalk radio asked me to take part in an interview, they asked if I would bring a young woman with me who had been to a workshop. I immediately thought of Anitta, contacted the school, and before I knew it, myself, Anitta and her Mam Sandra were on a road trip. Anitta has written all about it. Please listen to her interview on the link below. She blew my mind, everyone at Newstalks minds, and she will blow yours too. Remember, this girl is 16!!

Over to you Neets….

I am a student at St. Pauls Community College in Waterford. The Shona Project came to my school for a workshop. And I loved every minute of it. Tammy really struck a chord. She spoke about her past and I could relate to it straightaway. I knew what it was like to get bullied. I knew what it felt like to not fit in. But Tammy felt so good speaking about it and I knew immediately that is what I wanted to be doing. Helping people through my story.

So I went to Tammy straight after the workshop and told her about my past and she gave me great advice. She told me she would get in touch with me and I thought she wouldn’t get back to me. BUT she did. SHE ASKED ME TO GO ON THE RADIO WITH HER! I was so excited. But I was nervous to. But the trip down there was so funny. We talked and spoke about different things. We became BFF’s. When we got to Dublin we goton a Luas and it was quite relaxing. And when we got off we were bumped and pushed because Dublin is such a busy city. But we were still excited. we wandered around town. Mom was looking for a jacket and we went to TKMaxx and still could not find the right one.

We got hungry and I mean so hungry. Tammy mentioned Wagamama and it sounded…well…interesting. And when we got there it was underground and it was so cool. OMG lke it was amazing. After we got an amazing meal and learned how to use chopstcks we went to NEWSTALK radiostation. An omg the lighting in the elevator was so good I got a selfie and everything. Highlight was showing and everything. We got up and we met Dill oh she is lovely, funny, kind and quirky she is llike Ellen DeGeneres she is so fun and nice. I loved every moment with her. She asked Tammy and I questions and we answered it honestly and I was so happy when we were doing it. I told her about my past which involved trying to commit suicide and being raped. And she was astonished she didn’t look at me differently at all. The interview was over we got in a picture and it was back home we went. I had an amazing time and I love Tammy for bringing me along. Tammy you are my role model! love you Tots x

You can listen to the podcast here.

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