The Royal Irish Academy is an organisation for the most brilliant academics.  It was founded in 1785 and is as gloriously fancy as its sounds.

Walking through the august halls, Michelle Cullen and Eithne Harley from Accenture noticed that the portrait lined walls featured not one woman, and decided to do something about it. They started the “Women on Walls” project, which commissioned some amazing female artists to paint some amazing female RIA members. The portraits were unveiled yesterday, and are the first portraits of women to be featured on the walls in 230 years.

Michelle Cullen spoke to the Irish Times earlier this week..

In an interview with the Irish Times, Michelle Cullen said.“We talk a lot about what women need to do to be leaders, and how women are underrepresented, but when you step back and see it across a number of different pillars: from the sciences, to corporate leadership, to theatre; you realise that more needs to be done. Research has shown that role models are vitally important to young people, it’s about sending a message.”

Well done to all involved, This is really inspirational.

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