Last week, we shared a post about the queen of Youtube, Melanie Murphy, AKA, the gift that just keeps giving.

Whilst watching Melanie’s videos, we came across some other young Youtubers who are opening up conversations about mental health, and doing great work to take the stigma out of admitting to struggling from time to time. One on four of us will be affected by mental health issues during our lifetime, which means that if you are not struggling at this time, you probably know someone who is. We all need to know what mental health and mental illness are, how to talk about it, how to help, and how to break down the barriers that so many face.

Here are a few Youtubers who share their stories, in sometimes funny, sometimes emotional but always honest ways, so that others feel less alone.

Zoe Sugg


Zoella has been very open about her anxiety and panic attacks which are often magnified in those who have a public profile. Zoe has been very careful to show her viewers what life with anxiety is like for those who struggle, and has been to see a therapist, something we don’t all have access to. There has been a move to get rid of the “perfect” life that many influencers show, and for people to use their platform to highlight issues they feel strongly about.


Savannah Brown

Savannah has shared many videos about mental health and particularly eating disorders and anxiety. She talks a lot about the romanticisation of mental illness, which she feels has increased in recent years and the fact that it is hurtful to those who are really struggling.

Dodie Clark

Dodie is one of the most outspoken Youtubers on mental health, and has a second channel which she uses exclusively to share her struggles with anxiety, depression and depersonalisation, which she explains in the video above. We get to see her ups and downs, her relationships with those around her, and the treatments she has tried to improve her wellness.


Beckie Brown

Beckie has dealt with trichotillomania, a disorder which causes people to pull out their own hair, her whole life. Her online “Trich Journal” documents her day to day life and the amount of energy she has to invest in her recovery. Beckie is an open and friendly girl who hopes to raise awareness of the condition and break the stigma which surrounds it.

Gracie Francesca Victory


The never ending quest for perfection has become part of the lives of us girls, and with it has come the rise in issues such as OCD, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Its great to see survivors share their story, so we can see those who have come through it to live happy lives. Grace has been documenting her entire journey, and she uses her platform share the tools which helped her to get there.


Have we missed any? Let us know…

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