Women are deadly, we know this. But here are some interesting facts about the fairer sex that you may not have heard before…

  1. The two highest IQ scores ever recorded belonged to women
  2. In 1770 it was proposed in British Parliament that any women who wore make-up should be prosecuted for witchcraft
  3. More women than men graduate with 3rd level degrees in Ireland (52.5% vs 47.5%)


  4. In the 40’s advertising for women promoted weight gain, as curvy women were considered more attractive
  5. Wonder Woman (2017) was the first ever superhero movie to be directed by a woman and have a female lead.
  6. Every 90 seconds a woman in the world dies from complications of childbirth.
  7. In Albania a group of women live as men in villages in order to be able to avoid restrictions placed on them by society. They change their hair, clothes, mannerisms and even names to be more masculine and take an oath of celibacy.
  8. Fancy ladies in the 19th century would never use the word “leg” as it was to provocative. They would say “limb” instead.


  9. Widow burning (sati) used to be a common occurrence in India and Nepal. To show their love for their dead husbands, women would burn themselves alive. Although it was voluntary, many were drugged or pushed into the fire.
  10. A 42 year old schoolteacher was the first person to ever ride down Niagra Falls in a barrell and survive.
  11. Women started to wear high heels to copy men, who wore them in the 1600’s to appear more manly.
  12. When you take paid and unpaid work into account (housework and caring for children) women work approx 30 minutes more than men every day. This amounts to 39 days per year.


  13. 98% of people who stay at home to care for family are women.
  14. 22% of TD’s in the Dail are women.
  15. The part of the brain that weighs options before making a decision (The anterior cingulate cortex) is larger for women than men
  16. Women talk more than men, using 13,000 more words per day than the lads do.


  17. The tallest ever woman was Zeng Jinlian from China, who, at 8ft 1 3/4 inches, was over a  foot taller than Shaquille O’Neal.
  18. Women live, on average, 2-5 years longer than men, in every country. this also applies to chimps and orangutans.
  19. Women cry somewhere between 30-64 times per year compared to 6-17 times for men (repressed much?)


  20. Men lie on average 6 times per day, which is twice as much as women.


All things considered, we’re pretty amazing creatures, lets always remember that x


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