So far, 2018 has been a massive year for the women of Ireland. As a country, we’ve had massive highs and lows, with some powerful collective initiatives like the #metoo movement  & the referendum, and some disheartening moments like the recent sexual assault case in which a girl’s underwear was used as a way to suggest that she was “asking for it”. It has made us all, as women and girls, question what being female means to us and how we feel about it. What is clear, is that our experiences as females are very different to those of our male counterparts, and that the messages we receive from society leave us feeling sometimes confused, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes strong and sometimes powerful.

What is important is that we have these discussions, and this week RTE’s Big Picture certainly started lots of conversations.

For “This is Me” six girls talked about what it means to them to be a young women in Ireland and shared their hopes and their fears in a beautifully honest and open way. Three of those young women were Shona Ambassadors; Alana, Eboni and Katie. We were so proud to be invited to contribute to this initiative, and our girls did an amazing job.

Check them out below….

Alana Daly Mulligan, who would love to see more women in positions to make decisions which effect our daily lives…

Katie McGloin, who feels that our gender should never define our restrict us.

Eboni who wants to be the change she would love to see in the world.

Check out the other three amazing ladies also…

Mary Kate Slattery, who feels that women can be strong and feminine at the same time.

Diane Dethier, whose portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

And finally GXrl Code founder and new friend of Shona, DJ Mona Lxsa, who supports girls to express their creative selves.

Last, but not least, check out this amazing spoken word piece by Natalya O’Flaherty

For us, equality means being whoever you want to be, or being a multitude of things, without judgement or restriction based on your gender. What does it mean to you?

Special thanks to RTE for inviting us to take part.

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