We all have our go-to playlists for when we’re overwhelmed by feelings (ours is called “Sad Crying Mix”, dramatic much?). You’ll always find the usual suspects in there; Adele of course, Lana Del Ray probably, and maybe some Summer Walker? Tom Odel? Billie Eilish’s ‘What was I Made For’?

People have been feeling feelings since the dawn of time. And nobody felt them quite like the composers of the classical era. There’s nothing quite like a bawling piano or a crushing string movement to bring those emotions to the surface.

Next time you want to lie in the dark in a river of music that holds space for you and your existential crisis, why not revert back to the music of the ages? Because Classical music always gets you. And Modern Classical Music is the best.


Here are some of our favourites, and to make it even more perfect, we’ve put them into a playlist for you.

Let the crying, screaming and throwing up commence….


1: Ballerina by Yehexkel Raz

2: Reflections by Toshifumi Hinata


3: New Home by Austin Farwell


4: Idea 10 by Gibran Alcocer


5: Experience by Ludovico Enuadi


6: Beving Ala by Joep Beving


7: Cornfield Chase by Dorian Marko


8: River Flows in You by Yiruma


9: Fields Daphne by Philip Ekstrom


10: I Wanted to Leave by SYML


And for the big finale, the OG


11: Adagio for Strings by Barber

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