A couple of weeks ago we shared a post about the “Weapon of Choice” project, which showed some powerful pictures of the damage our words can do to others. If you didn’t see it you can catch up here. This project was brought to our attention by Kate Lennon (our favourite teacher ever), who teaches at the Marino School in Fairview (our favourite school ever). The last time we visited this school, Ms. Lennon was treating her girls to chocolate pizza, (which looked amazing, weird, beautiful and disgusting at the same time). You should try it. Or don’t.

Since we visited, Ms. Lennon and her girls decided to make their own version of the ‘Weapons’ project. The results are beautiful, haunting and really thought provoking. The pictures force us to question if we would be as quick to use words to hurt if we could see the effects they have on the outside.

Well done to all the girls and, of course to the awesome Ms L. Keep up the good work.

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