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Everyone has bad days sometimes. You can’t blame people for being stressed or not skipping around the place as if they have just won the lotto. Today there are so many pressures in our daily lives. I mean for teenagers alone we have the stress of exams and education, making our parents proud and trying to fit in with others. Not to mention how many likes did you get on your latest selfie, not eating to make yourself a size 6 and trying to kiss as many boys as you can in one night. I mean, can you have friends if you’re fat, ugly and still a virgin? The daily pressures of a teen.

It’s absolutely no surprise that so many of us are struggling with mental health problems in today’s world it’s almost impossible not to. I genuinely believe we all deserve a medal just for getting up in the morning.

I’m just as much of a culprit as anyone else for this but we are all so concerned about how others think of us that we put on a mask that we assume people will prefer than the real person who you are. Look at this way; when you’re scrolling through instagram, do you actually stop and inspect each photo as you flick through or are you just double tapping on everything you see? Personally, I just double tap to pretty much everything. Chances are I don’t actually even wait for it to load and chances are I probably don’t even know you but hey here’s a like, hope it boosts your confidence!

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Imagine if we did a detox. A virtual detox. I’m not saying delete all social media and becoming a meditating hermit (or do, I don’t really mind). But try this, everyday Facebook tells you it’s someones birthday today, how about using it as your detox. If you wouldn’t say happy birthday to this person it’s time to go. DELETE. Happy Birthday we are no longer Facebook friends, chances are you won’t even notice it but have a great day x

All I’m trying to say in this is, life is hard enough. Love yourself a little more, get rid of the shit from your social media and have a little more conversations in real life. Don’t worry about how many people liked your latest insta, if you’ll be as skinny as the latest fitness blogger or if you’ll be as pretty as the latest MUA to breakout onto the scene. You do you and just be happy. Remove the mask, take a deep breath and be yourself.

Ash x

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