We love getting emails from you about your  own stories, sometimes just getting it off your chest is half the battle. Here, Rosy tells us how she got through a really tough time by having someone to lean on. One true friend is worth 10 acquaintances. Thanks for sharing Rosy 💜

My story began when I was sexually assaulted by a close friend of mine. They had been with me through so much, from previous bullying and other situations. It truly broke me and my whole world was turned upside down. I was in such a horrible mental state, I couldn’t sleep for months, the nightmares haunted me every night, panic attacks were common and I had mental breakdowns some even during class. I blamed myself for everything, that it was my own fault, maybe my clothes were too tight? Too revealing?

Of course word spread around the school soon enough. I had people telling me I was making it up only looking for attention or that I could’ve done more to protect myself. I felt so useless, like nobody cared, I mean was that really what people thought of me? Someone desperate for attention? These people would genuinely come up to me in the hall and say these things to me but others would be all nice to my face but once my back was turned all that niceness vanished. I could hear them in class, in the hallways, I felt like every single pair of eyes were trained on me where ever I went.

The thing about these situations is you can really tell who your true friends are. One day after a particular tough day I was close to another breakdown and a good friend of mine sat next to me and I just spilled, I couldn’t hold it in. By that evening she had told everyone everything I had said and from then on she continued to mock me whenever I walked past her, in front of anyone and everyone.

But I always had that one person from the very start, who kept me sane, who kept me grounded and I am so grateful for them. They protected me where ever I went and I know things would’ve been a lot worse without them. Eventually I told the rest of my friends what happened and they have been with me ever since. I have lost so many people in my life because of this but I don’t care because I have my true friends by my side.

My first message is to always tell someone, it’s so important. It can be anyone. Someone you can talk to, someone who can help you. They can make a world of difference. If you can’t get through your problem then please talk to a professional, they can really help. I personally didn’t go to a professional, I just needed time to heal. My second message is to keep those loyal friends close to your heart, be there for each other, if they’re your real friends they will be there for you and help you through it all. And finally you’re a wonderful, unique person, don’t let anyone tell you your worthless, keep your head up, keep smiling and stay strong, be good to yourself and everything will be okay💕🌠

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