Hey there! We know how challenging it can be to navigate the chaotic teenage years, especially when it comes to your daughter’s self-esteem. It’s no secret that self-esteem plays a crucial role in shaping her confidence, resilience, and overall well-being. If you are like us, and honestly any other human on the planet, your own self-esteem can waver at times so you might question whether are you the right person to boost your teen’s self-esteem. But fear not, we can confirm that you are the right person! 

Of course, we’ve got your back with some fantastic tips to empower and support your teenage girl. So let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to boosting her self-esteem!

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Embrace Imperfections, Because Perfect is Boring

Let’s face it: nobody’s perfect, and that’s what makes us beautifully unique. Encourage your teen to embrace her imperfections and celebrate what makes her one-of-a-kind. Remind her that life’s greatest adventures come from taking risks and embracing her true self. After all, perfect is just too dull!

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Rock That Body Positivity

In a world bombarded with unrealistic beauty standards, it’s crucial to foster a positive body image. Shift the focus from looks to health and well-being. Encourage your teen to appreciate her body for its strength, resilience, and the amazing things it can do. Teach her that self-care and self-love go hand in hand, creating a solid foundation for a healthy body image.

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Celebrate Achievements, Big and Small

Every achievement deserves recognition, no matter how small! Celebrate your daughter’s accomplishments, whether it’s acing a test, finishing a challenging project, or even stepping out of her comfort zone. Show her that her efforts are valued and appreciated. By acknowledging her achievements, you’ll nurture her confidence and motivation to reach for the stars.

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Encourage Self-Expression, Unleash Creativity

Every teenage girl is a powerhouse of creativity and self-expression. Encourage your daughter to explore her interests and talents. Whether she’s into painting, writing, dancing, or playing an instrument, provide the space and resources for her to express herself freely. Let her know that her unique voice and perspective matter and deserve to be heard.

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Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Help your daughter develop a growth mindset—an empowering belief that abilities can be developed through effort and perseverance. Encourage her to embrace challenges, view failures as stepping stones to success, and learn from setbacks. Teach her that it’s okay to make mistakes and that each one is an opportunity for growth and learning. Resilience is power, so also be sure to lead by example. 

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As adults, we’ve got a crucial role to play in boosting our teenage girls’ self-esteem. By including some of these tips in our everyday lives, we can create a super-supportive environment that empowers them to reach their full potential. Remember, imperfections are what make us interesting (perfect is overrated, seriously!), body positivity is like a secret superpower, and celebrating achievements adds fuel to their confidence fire. So let’s encourage self-expression and creativity, and let’s sprinkle in that growth mindset magic to help our daughters handle life’s twists and turns like the resilient champs they are!


Now that we’ve got these tips in our back pocket, it’s time to have some heart-to-heart chats with our teenage girls. Let’s lend an ear, show understanding, and address their concerns about self-esteem. They need to know they’re loved, supported, and capable of conquering the world. Together, we can empower these incredible young women to shine brightly and fully embrace their wonderfully unique selves. We’ve got this, my friend!


If you’d like a little more support, why not watch Trisha Lewis’ Shine Festival 2022 video? She talks about how negative body image and self-talk resulted in her missing out on many things, and how she learned to be kind to herself. 


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