How to stop a bully dead in their tracks…

Bullies have existed since the dawn of time. Often as a result of having no power or control in their own lives, bullies take out their frustration on easy targets, for no other reason than that, they are easy targets. They may have even tried to bully others before they get to the one who

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How to support a friend who is struggling: By Jenny

Often when a friend tells us that they are feeling a bit down, or have recently been diagnosed with a mental health issue, it’s difficult to know what to say or do. It’s an automatic reaction to panic, and avoid talking about the issue. However that friend will often have confided in you for a

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A letter to the first guy to break my heart: My Dad

Family stuff happens, and sometimes it hurts. This young lady wrote this letter that she will never send to her Dad, but wanted to get how she felt off her chest. Writing stuff down is a great way to get your head around how you feel, and sometimes helps a little. Dad, I have so

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