SuperWoman has super strength, Daredevil has extraordinary detective skills and The Scarlet Witch can influence anyone and anything. What are your superpowers? Follow our handy guide to find your powers and use them to kick life in the butt life. 


POW: Superpowers STAR Model 


One of the best ways to identify your super skills is to reflect on your experiences to date. These could be from school, work, social situations or when you were alone. They can be positive or negative, recent or past – anything that stands out in your mind as a learning moment. Some examples might be; getting a good grade in school, missing out on your dream job, making a new friend or having an argument with a family member.


Once you have identified this, follow the steps below to turn this into your superpower.

  1. Identify a relevant life experience – this could be anything that is meaningful to you 
  2. Look for the STAR – what was the Situation? What Task needed to be done? What Action did you take? What was the Result?
  3. Identify the skills you used or learnt from this experience 
  4. WOWEE – you’ve just found your personal superpowers!


BAM: Here’s An Example To Show You How It’s Done


We asked Aoife to give an example of how she found her superpowers. 

  1. The experience I chose was asking for help with my deteriorating mental health 
  2. STAR 
    • Situation – I was feeling very low mood, engaging in harmful activities and not feeling very hopeful for the future 
    • Task – I needed to figure out a way to get better, with the help of others 
    • Action – I made an appointment with a therapist in college and ensured I attended it 
    • Result – I was referred on to my GP and specialist services to get the help I needed. Although it takes time, I am now more mentally strong than I ever have been 
  3. Skills 
    • Identifying a problem and a risk 
    • Asking for help 
    • Developing resilience by working through a treatment plan 
    • Working with others to reach a common goal 
  4. Therefore my superpowers are: 
    • Finding and solving problems 
    • Resilience 
    • Teamwork 


BOOM: There you have it! Now go on and find your superpower x


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