Are you pissed off? Do you hate your parents? Did a boy break your heart?

Our gift to you today is Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morisette.

In 1995, girls were cute, sparkly and spoke in high pitched voices about boys and fashion. Those who didn’t were kept in dark places away from daylight as society really didn’t know what to do with them. Think Clueless, Britney Spears and 90210 (the original, not the remake).

Those of us who were filled with angst and were struggling to find a role model were saved when Alanis kicked in the door of the music industry with her ‘Jagged Little Pill album” and told everyone exactly what we had all been trying to say.

“I just remember not wanting to stop until I wrote a record that really represented where I was at and all my humanity,”Morissette told ETonline. “I really did think I was the only human being on the planet going through whatever it was that I was going through at the time. So when people connected with it in the way they did, I felt less alone.”

The album sold 30 million copies, and is still the fastest selling debut album by a female artist of all time. Alanis was the first feminist role model for many young women at the time, if you don’t believe us, ask your Ma.

You can listen to the entire album below, but a word of caution, if your parents aren’t screaming at you to turn down that racket, you’re doing it wrong.

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