Lets admit it, us girls are wagons. We just can’t let stuff go. Some girl picked you last for the dodgeball team in 3rd class and you still won’t speak to them in 5th year. In fact, by 5th year, you have probably forgotten what the argument was about, but by God, that girl is dead to you and always will be. This can carry on for our entire lives, and all of a sudden we’re old women avoiding each others gaze in the queue for the Post Office.

We need to stop this, life is hard enough, us girls need to stick together, hold each other up and protect each other from all life throws at us. We don’t have to understand or even like each other, but we do need to respect each other, stop fighting, stop judging and stop being bitchy.

The thing with apologies is that they make everyone feel good. We know when we’re being a**holes. We do it anyway, and then we look in the mirror and say “Girl, what is wrong with you?? Why did you do that?”. There is no harder word to say than “sorry” and rather than say it, we go along with the animosity we know we caused, and waste our energy on  a fight over nothing that never even mattered.

This week we visited the girls in 2nd year in St Kevins school in Dunlavin, Co Wicklow. We talked about all of the above and more, and made some promises and apologies to be kind to each other. Well done girls, big respect, you are all amazing. Special mention to Eve and Brinda. Eve, I hope you accept Brinda’s apology with grace. You don’t have to be best friends and have sleepovers in each others houses overnight, but maybe just smile at each other when you pass in the corridor instead of looking at the ground, it’ll feel amazing. Promise.

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