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Dublin born Sorcha Richardson moved to New York in 2009 to study in The New School, a progressive edge arts college. This week, Sorcha is releasing some of her new music, and shared her new song, Walk Away with us, have a listen here:

Sorcha, tell us about you the relationship you had with music growing up, and how it became your passion.

I was always obsessed with music. My grandad is a keyboard player and I used to go to love going to his house after school when I was around 5 and listening to him play jazz arrangements of Elvis songs. Then I started learning guitar and drums when I was around ten and I started writing songs around the same time and just kept going from there.

Would you say school was a happy experience for you and why?

Yeah, l really liked school. I made a lot of really good friends and had supportive teachers in the subjects that I loved. I played a lot of sport and went to a school that was valued things like music & art so it meant that music could be a big part of school for me.

You were so young moving to New York, did you find it difficult being away from your support network and how did you get over that?

I remember on my first night in my college dorm, thinking, why did I leave all of my friends and family to come to this huge city where I know nobody? But I quickly realized that most people were in the same boat, far from home and wanting to make new friends. So for the first couple of weeks I just said yes to every invite I got to hang out or go to a party.

My best friend from Dublin moved over the same year so having someone from home made things much easier.

It totally changed the course of my life but in the best way possible. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself in the deep and see what happens.

Photo by Ken Grand Pierre
Photo by Ken Grand Pierre

How has the music business changed in recent years, what would you say to young female artists in Ireland that you wish someone had told you.

It’s become a lot easier to make music on a small budget and the internet means you can be a lot more independent when it comes to promoting it.

So my advice would be to get a mic, write as much as you can and make demos in your bedroom. Learn as much as you can about the industry.   You can do so much on your own. Don’t wait for someone to come and recognize your talent and make you a star.

Who are your biggest influences and role models and why?

I think people like Charli XCX and Lorde are incredible. They’re two young women who are really talented writers and seem to be very in control of their own careers. It’s really cool that we have people like them at the forefront of the pop world at the moment. I’ve also been a huge Lyyke Li fan for years. I saw her play at a festival in Spain in 2009 and just so inspired by her. She’s one of the people who made me want to pursue this.

 Which song do you listen to when…

(This changes on a regular basis.. but)

You wake up – Self Control by Frank Ocean (or the whole Blond album)

You work out – Rihanna / Justin Bieber / Whatever’s on the radio

You feel sad  –  New Years Eve – Mo

You miss home  Winter Aid by The Wisp Sings

You need to get pumped up and energised – Alive by Sia

You want to feel inspired  A Kiss Goodbye by Emile Haynie

You are up for a serious party Fade by Kanye West

You need to make some serious life decisions. Anything on Romantic Works by Keaton Henson or nothing at all

 We have put all Sorchas favourite songs along with some of her older music in this playlist. Happy Listening !

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