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Luckily for us, we have some top notch help at hand to help us find the best advice.  These people deal with teen issues every day and there is no issue they haven’t seen before. Unfortunately, our experts are unable to offer specific advice on individual cases, but they are happy to talk about general and common issues, so go ahead and suggest some and we’ll see what we can do.

stefanStefan Green

Stefan has 20 years experience helping teenagers with issues such as anxiety and depression.  While his taste in shirts is questionable, we 100% trust that he knows his stuff and really cares.






Sharon O Donnell

Sharon is our resident GP and has literally no filter when it comes to medical issues. Be warned, she will go there…. but she is fabulous.





sandra 1Sandra O’Keeffe.

Sandra is our expert in body issues, self-esteem and fitness.  She has size 1 feet so if you push her over she is likely to fall (not that we’re suggesting you try).







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