We see it all the time. Women who are smart, capable, and highly accomplished being reduced to ornaments during interviews. Instead of being asked about their work, they are asked about either

a) what they are wearing


b) who they are dating.

Here’s a master class in shutting that shit down by your favourites….

1: Don’t ever call Amy Schumer a Skank, okay?

2: Keira Knightly answers that gem “how do you manage to do it all?”. Facepalm.

3: Neuroscientist, Mayim Bialik is asked if she can do “basic math”…

4: In an all time classic, Lauren Conrad is asked her favourite position…

5: Scarlet Johansson being asked if she wears underwear…

6: Taylor Swift taking umbrage to being asked if she’s taking “lots of men home”..

7: Arinana Grande shutting down multiple sexists comments..

8: Rihanna throwing serious shade at the relationship question..

And Finally, Andy Murray pointing out that women, are in fact, people too…

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