There is so much discussion about consent in the ether lately, and if you talk around a subject for long enough, you’ll manage to make it more complicated than it actually is.

Its actually quite simple, every man, woman and child should have complete ownership of their own body, and nobody has the right to dictate what they do with it, and who they decide to share it with.

Yes means yes, and no means no. Here are some helpful comic strips to help those who struggle with the concept….

1: Even having said “yes”, you have the right to change your mind at any time….


2: Saying ‘Yes’ on one occasion, does not mean yes forevermore…


3: Sometimes you’re in the mood, sometimes not, its your call….


4: You need to be conscious to make a decision in the first place…


5: It is not your job to fulfill anyone else’s needs…


6: You don’t owe anybody anything…


7: Unless you out loud ask for it, you are not “asking for it”…


More info: (h/t: upworthyeverydayfeminism)

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