Shona Meets: Lynetta From MicroInfluence STEM

Recently, the team at Shona HQ were lucky to meet the incredible Lynetta – a 5th year student with a passion for STEM. Over the past few months, Lynetta has put her blood sweat and tears into creating MicroInfluence STEM. MI STEM is a programme where STEM is promoted in schools across Ireland. 

Lynetta and her team believe in an Ireland where every student, regardless of their background, has equal opportunities to explore STEM and leadership roles. They do this by supporting STEM youth leadership and empowering active young engagement in STEM to create a positive feedback loop.

Having recently joined our Shona Junior Ambassador Programme, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to Lynetta! Have a read of our convo below x

Shona Meets: Lynetta From MicroInfluence STEMQuestion one:
Lynetta, could you tell us a about your love for STEM? What interests you in it? What is your area of expertise?

I love the fact that STEM is really all-inclusive. When you are interested in STEM, you can be interested in Astrophysics, in Maths, in Organic Chemistry, in Construction…… I think of STEM not just as a label, but as infinite possibilities. 

I LOVE molecular biology. I am fascinated with things on a minuscule scale. The seemingly small, puny beings -microorganisms – have enormous influence and impact on our society, even on a cultural level (Covid pandemic), yet the impact was often overlooked by the general public. 

Under the molecular scope, we realise the hidden relationships upon which the larger frame of our world is constructed. Each microorganism, each cell is like an individual planet, serving its purpose on its own, yet interconnected. I wonder: Our macrocosm maybe someone else’s microcosm. But all in all, all parts of STEM interest me, but if you want to have a theoretical conversation about physics or AI, I can be the best listener but the worst contributor 0.0

Question 2:
Could you tell us a about MicrosInfluence STEM? Why did you set it up? What do you do?

Of course! I set up MicroInfluence STEM (MI STEM) in January 2023. It is Ireland’s first STUDENT-LED STEM leadership organization. We bring STEM leadership programmes nationally to students, with awesome guest speakers from industries and BTYSTE. Even though we spread the idea of STEM, we are not tutors or teachers in a traditional sense, we are students’ guidance — we guide them on the way to becoming an instigator, a leader in STEM. 

The purpose of the programme is that the students can combine an area of STEM and one of their personal interest/hobby to create a project unique to them that have a true impact on someone, a family, or a community.

MI STEM is an example of a young STEM leadership project, and I set it up wishing that the idea of young leaders in STEM could flourish in Ireland. When young people themselves are being proactive in learning, to make a change, we progress as a society and achieve education equality. This is something that cannot be taught, but something to be explored. When young people connect with young people, a special bond would form between them. This bond is inspiration, it’s what pushes us to further our mission. 

Question 3:
What are your big plans for MI STEM? What should we keep our eye peeled for?

We’re looking out for young STEM leaders showing up in your school!!! More of them coming!!! Some wise individual once said that MI STEM is a project for world domination (cough cough), but that’s like the idea — more and more students in Ireland, in Europe, and in the wider world start their STEM leadership and social initiative creating an impact that no one can resist 🙂


Question 4:

Who is your hero in the world of STEM? Why have you chosen this person?

This question is a bit personal for me. It’s Dr. James Rothman, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2013 with his project investigating a crucial cellular pathway. 

Last summer, I had the honour of listening to his opening speech in London at LIYSF, and afterwards, I took advantage of being a flag bearer and approached him backstage. I imagined him to be really aloof so I was nervous as hell, but he turned out to be so nice! We talked for around 20 minutes, from our backgrounds to our research. 

This talk made me decide even more firmly that I am going to study molecular biology in the future and he gave me advice on the research project that I was planning, which I am currently doing this summer 2023 in Trinity Translational Medicine Centre. If it wasn’t for that talk, I wouldn’t probably have the courage to take on initiatives in a lab, and even MicroInfluence STEM! 

Shona Meets: Lynetta From MicroInfluence STEM

Question 5:
Why do you think there should be more girls and women in STEM?

Well, for starters, we can finally put an end to the age-old question of “Who’s better at Math?” with an epic shutdown! But seriously, more girls and women in STEM means bringing diverse perspectives, ideas, and talents to the table, think of it like a splash of glitter to the STEM world. In the end, it takes EVERYONE to make a revolutionary discovery. Plus, imagine the awesome power of unleashing a whole army of brilliant, tech-savvy girls in the world – we will be unstoppable! 


A huge thanks to Lynetta for taking some time to share info on her incredible programme. If you want to hear a little more on how to get involved so that you can unleash your inner STEM leader and join MI STEM in shaping the future of education and ignite the passion for STEM in your peers. Reach out to Lynetta and her team at their Website, Instagram or Email… 

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