The world can seem like a dark and scary place at times. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wakes up, checks their phone, and sees bad news stories one after another. This negativity then impacts me for the day, whether I realised or not.

This post is not one of those bad news posts. This post is going to give you some ideas for simple random acts of kindness that will help put a smile on someone’s face (and hopefully yours too). Have you ever been lucky to have experienced a random act of kindness? Well, I have and not only did it brighten up my day, it brightened my whole week. So let’s jump in and spread the kindness!

1. Give a Compliment

Let’s start off easy. You will see plenty of people during your typical day so why not give on of them a compliment? Tell them you appreciate their friendship, you like their clothes or they make a really good cup of coffee!



2. Hold the Door

We have all been guilty of being in a rush or not paying attention and running through a door without stopping to see if someone else is just about to walk through. How about today you stop, hold a door, and smile!




3. Leave a Review

Did you recently enjoy a visit to a shop or a meal at a local restaurant? Why not leave a nice review? Many small and local businesses rely heavily on customer reviews! Not only will you help one person, but you would also be helping an entire business!



4. Text Someone Good morning/ Good Night

This simple gesture just lets someone know that you are thinking of them. That can make a huge difference to someone needing a smile.



5. Make the Dinner

Your family/friends may have had a long day at work. If you made their dinner, you are showing them that you care and want to give them some extra unexpected time to relax.



6. Buy Someone a Coffee/Tea

People love to get a cup of coffee (or tea). Why not bring one to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and have a catch-up? You will remind them of how much you care and get some time to rebuild a connection.



7. Share a Joke

Even bad jokes have a way of bringing out the best in people, so whenever you can, tell a joke. People love to laugh, and it makes the world a better place when people can share a laugh.



8. Go for an Adventure

The best adventures are those unexpected ones! Even if its just a walk in the local park, ring your friends or families and go have some fun!



9. Write Some Notes of Positivity

Grab a stack of sticky notes and spend five minutes writing positive statements on them. Then place the sticky notes anywhere that needs a little kindness like an office, a bus stop, a gas pump, a parked car, a hallway, or hidden around your home! You may even be lucky to see some of those smiles you have created!


10. Share a Book

Have you ever read a book and felt someone you know would just love it too? Why don’t you give them a book and tell them why you think they’ll like it! Is your favourite character as brave/funny/kind as that person? You’ll pay them a compliment and show them that you think about them all at the same time!


Have you ever given or received a random act of kindness? Why not share your story or ideas with us at info@shona.ie

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