In support of  July being Disability Pride Month, I wanted to share something I came across that I saw shared by Carson Tueller, a disability advocate. The Disability Pride flag seen above was created by Ann Magil, a disabled woman. The idea behind the flag is so inclusive to all people with disabilities even though it is not the official disability pride flag.

As you will see from the following post here which was written by Carlson Tueller @carson_tueller on Instagram there are many different types of disability. Disabilities can be both visible and invisible, diagnosed, and undiagnosed. Let’s support all of us with disabilities this month.

Here’s Carson’s explanation of the meanings behind each of the colors on the flag:

“The black Field: Mourning for those who’ve suffered and died from Ableist violence, and also rebellion.

The Zig-zag Band: How disabled people must move around and past barriers, and our creativity in doing so.

The Five Colors: the variety of Disability and our needs and experiences (Mental illness, intellectual and Developmental Disability, Invisible and Undiagnosed Disabilities, Physical Disability, and Sensory Disabilities)

The Parallel Stripes: Solidarity within the Disability Community, despite our differences’’

I also think it’s important to note that while it’s disability pride month, many people don’t feel comfortable or safe disclosing their disability or illness and that is ok too.


Naoishe x

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