Need a pep talk? Prepare for some tough love from the one and only Libby…..

Get over yourself……..Seriously!

You’re behaving in the same way you did when you were a child. Where did all of that beautiful growth go? You’re crying alone, looking for attention, simultaneously worrying and annoying your friends. You’re room is a mess, you’re not doing your homework, you haven’t spent any time with your family but all you care about is that you have a new spot on your forehead and the boy you had a crush on doesn’t like you back.

What makes him so special? The most important person in your life should be you! Not your friend or your mam or the really cool girl who smiles at you in Starbucks. They can’t put you back together again. I know you’re going through some sh*t right now. You sometimes think you’re the most terrible and ugly person in the world and why should anyone love you? But I’m sorry to be harsh here, but move on! What you’re thinking about yourself right now clearly isn’t doing any good! So you need to start being strong.

You DO NOT need other people to make you better. And you DO NOT need to convince other people that you’re doing better. Let them see it for themselves. Girl, stop toning yourself down and making yourself cry! You are a queen! And you can have SUCH a beautiful life.

You don’t need your ribs to stick out or the cool kids to like you. You need to like yourself. And you can’t just run back into bed and listen to sad songs every time something bad happens. You need to take some deep breaths and remind yourself of what an absolute legend you are! You need to reach deep down inside you, grab some of that fire and yank it to the surface so the whole world can see your spark.

You need to find that courage you were born with and use it as a weapon to tackle your inner demons with. You don’t need to be sweet or happy all of the time. You’re a demon killer for Gods sake! You can be angry at people, it doesn’t make you a bad person. You can tell them that you love them but you deserve more. Hell, you can scream from the rooftops how you deserve to be treated.

Love people as fiercely as you would like to be loved. Don’t hold back, say what’s on your mind even if it scares you, it’s better to get it out in the open where it can breathe for a second. But just stop giving up already! I’ve had enough! Put in the hard work, survive the rough days instead of running away from them. You don’t need anybody because you are a boss but you should accept every scrap of love and kindness you are offered anyway. So go on, put on your big girl pants, dry your eyes and go take on the world, you beautiful, wonderful human!

Love Libby x

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