We all have body issues, there are aspects of all our bodies that we love, and some that we hate. Heres the thing, our hearts, minds and souls are what makes us special, the body is just the vessel in which all the important stuff is contained.

Have a look at the post below by Sarah Jane Dias, which featured on the Humans of Bollywood facebook page.


Humans Of Bollywood's photo.

“In 2004, I met with a really bad car accident and I tore my ACL ligament. The doctor misdiagnosed me, and I lived through the injury for four years. I lived through the injury for so long that my ACL ligament retracted and my cartilage started rubbing against each other. During those four years my metabolism went for a toss, my period went for a toss, I put on a whole lot of weight, I was being fired from my job because they said “you’re too fat to be on television” – and I did not give up. I’m just saying that when Baz Luhrmann said ‘don’t read beauty magazines, they make you ugly’ – it’s so true. If there is one thing I want to say, it’s that: I’m on Instagram, I’m on Twitter, and for all these girls out there who have these issues – I’m out there. I’ve been depressed, I’ve had eating disorders, I’ve had all sorts of things. But I found a way to deal with it. And I’m here if they have any questions, if they want to talk about it… please reach out.”
– Sarah Jane Dias

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