If you follow us on Instagram (and why wouldn’t you?) you’ll know that we’ve been having serious chats over there lately about what “Normal” families look like, and hearing stories from readers whose family dynamic has changed over the years, or who don’t have the traditional “Mom and Dad” set up.

Human science describes a normal family as consisting of “a first-marriage conjugal couple cohabiting with biological children. It is taken for granted that the wife should be responsible for child and domestic work, and that the husband should be the family’s economic provider and ultimate authority.” It was always assumed that the traditional family was the most “natural,” “common,” and/or “healthy” form of family arrangement.

This just simply isn’t the case anymore, families are like snowflakes, no too are alike. And there is not one on earth which is perfect.

No matter the shape, size or dynamic of your family, it should be, above all else, about love (and fighting over the TV controls).

Can we all agree on that that? Great.

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