Whether religion is your bag or not, Eboni has a list of things we should think about giving up for Lent. Well, forever actually, but lets start with Lent…..

  1. Negative thoughts – Especially about yourself. There will literally always be a positive in every negative situation, and it’s within your power to find it. Where possible, try to cut out the unnecessary thoughts that leave you feeling icky.
  2. Body shaming – Bodies are weird and not the same shape. It’s 2018, how about we all just love and accept everyone’s bodies for what they are: perfectly imperfect.
  3. Sexism – obviously.
  4. Blaming yourself all the time – So what you made a mistake? We all do! It’s up to you to pick yourself, dust yourself off, and grow from whatever you did.
  5. That cheeky Chinese (it’s for the best) – I know, I’m sorry, but your body will thank you in 40 days time for cutting out the calorie-loaded takeaways. Besides, there’s Easter chocolate to look forward to!
  6. Not treating yourself when necessary – Life is hard, and maybe lately you’ve been on the go so much that you haven’t stopped to thank your body and your mind for all that energy. A nice long shower, a bath, a power nap or even a face mask – they’ll go such a long way, trust me.
  7. Not stepping outside your comfort zone – We all do it. We all ignore that little voice in our heads that tell us to go for something, and we talk ourselves out of it. This Lent, how about instead of saying “No” to what you want, say “Yes”. Gut feelings are seldom wrong.
  8. Self doubt – It’s very easy to fall victim to comparing yourself to others and leave yourself wondering if you’re good enough. The thing is that everyone else’s life experiences are so individual and unique to them that there’s no use comparing, because we’re just so different. Besides, apparently it’s a one in a trillion chance you were even born, and if that’s not special, what is?

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