Has anyone noticed a huge change in women’s music over the last few years?

Gone are the days where songs were featured broken hearted girls, or lost and lonely princesses waiting for their prince to arrive and rescue them.

These days female music is all about empowering ourselves and each other, setting standards for ourselves, embracing who we are, and everything that makes us different.

Jessie J’s new song “Queen” is no exception, and encourages women to love and cherish their bodies, and to feel powerful in their skin. She says’ “It’s about making women feel empowered and strong and loved and beautiful in any which way they want to look and feel.”

The chorus goes:

I love my body

I love my skin

I am a godess

I am a queen

The video features real women, of all shapes and sizes; plus size women, women with vitiligo, women with down syndrome, Muslim women, all of whom are celebrating themselves and each other in a powerful way. One of the women, Lizzie Valaquez, is one whose story we’ve shared in the past. Lizzie has been bullied online all her life for how she looks, but has fought back, and works to combat bullying all over the world.
Jessie hopes that the video will make all women feel beautiful. She says,  “All women are perfect, however they’re shaped,” she says. “We’re all incredible, strong human beings.”
Watch the video in full below…

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