If you watch “The Good Place” on Netflix, you will already be familiar withe the be-oootiful and talented Jameela Jamil. The English actress, presenter and model has just launched a unique Instagram account called “I Weigh” after a post she shared on her personal account last month was applauded by pretty much everyone who saw it.

In the post, Jameela shared her own version of what she “weighed,” listing all the things she believes define her such as “great friends,” “I’m financially independent” and “I like my bingo wings.” Women on their droves started sharing their own “I Weigh” posts so Jameela decided to give them an Instagram account all of their own.

“I wanted a mini online museum of women who were valuing themselves properly,” Jameela told The Independent. “By how they feel about themselves and the people they are, and the lives they live and change and save. Rather than by our media’s absurd standards women are expected to uphold. Standards that are airbrushed, surgically enhanced and starved and relentlessly trained for by those perpetuating this dangerous stereotype.”

Time’s up on women being sold as nothing more than the flesh on our bones.

Jamil wants us to celebrate “looking around at the lives we are so lucky to live, and what makes us special and different.” and put an end to self judgement and all that comes with it.

“We are all critical of ourselves and each other,” she says. “And there is a lot of toxicity online. And since this started in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed all the interactions are people cheering each other on, finding each other inspiring, being open and non-judgmental.

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