Ugly girls are a bit like unicorns and the troll that lives under your bed in that they only exist in our minds.

Do you only take pics on Snapchat because you are horrified at the thought of sharing an unfiltered selfie?

Do you think all of your friends are way prettier than you?

Are you the one who always volunteers to take the group shot so you won’t get tagged unbeknownst to yourself.

Do you fixate on your belly, your thighs, your nose or your stick out ears.

Darling, you are not UGLY, you are INSECURE.

We all are, some of us more so than others, but we all feel like that sometimes. And social media has made us feel 100 times worse than the previous generation did. When we look at ourselves our eyes are immediately drawn to the things we consider to be our flaws, which are often the things that nobody notices but us.

The more we look at these flaws, the more obvious and pronounced they seem to be.

Darling, inner beauty shines brighter than any facial feature ever will.

Your eyes and your brain are playing tricks on you, you may hate your nose, but look at those big eyes you have? You may hate your teeth but your smile lights up every room you go into.

Remember too, that us humans associate each other with the feeling we get when we are together. If you are kind, positive, and helpful you radiate sunbeams, the likes of which cannot be dulled by the bags under your eyes or the spot on your chin. Think about someone you love, your Granny maybe? and how every wrinkle on her face fills you with joy.

There is no such thing as an ugly girl, there are girls whose behavior, thoughts or actions are ugly. These things can’t be fixed by contour, highlight, filters or eyebrows on fleek.

Stop being cruel to yourself, become your own best friend, be supportive, be kind, be loving. You are beautiful.

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