When someone confronts us, or picks on us, our instinct is usually to either get upset and feel small, or to see red and retaliate. For example, one of the most common ‘insults’ us girls throw around is is the age-old, go-to:

“You Love Yourself”

How would you react to this, or any other bitchy comment?

1: Get upset and cry. This is exactly what the bully hopes you will do. They want to know that they can control you with their words. Generally, the more you react, the more they will pick on you. Try to avoid.

2:  Retaliate with anger and give as good as you get. This involves bringing yourself down to their level. Whilst its good to be able to stand up for yourself, its not really the way to go. It usually causes the situation to escalate, and before you know it, you are both in the Principals office, and get to spend lots of quality time together in detention. Avoid at all costs.

3: Take their insult as a compliment. To have the ability to love yourself is one of life’s gifts.Think about it for a sec, what is the alternative? To hate yourself? Why would anyone want to do that? So why not answer with a smile and say ‘Thanks, maybe you will grow to love your self too some day.’

Then drop the mic and walk away.

Don’t just take it from us, here’s another clip from Prince Ea.