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As some of you know, we have the lovely Dr. Sharon on board here at The Shona Project. We keep her in the top drawer of our filing cabinet, and let her out when we have questions. This week, as we’re all sneezing, we asked her to tell us how to deal with HEEEYYYYY fever. Here’s the lowdown.

It’s that time of year again. Runny eyes, sniffly runny nose, itchy and streaming eyes, itchy ears, sneezing, tickly throat, itchy hives and then those midges are everywhere too! It’s hay fever season. Mostly hay fever symptoms are harmless but can be very irritating and debilitating for some people. You don’t get a temperature with hay fever ever. 
Usually if your symptoms begin in the spring it’s due to a pollen allergy or sensitivity and there isn’t a lot you can do to avoid pollen unless you stay indoors in a bubble. It does help to eat locally produced honey as the local bees use the local pollen and if we eat it it builds an immunity to the hayfever symptoms! 
If you have the same symptoms all year round it’s more likely you have a dust mite allergy and believe me they are everywhere! Even a bubble won’t really help!
The good thing is there is help out there. Most symptoms are relieved by simple antihistamines that you can buy over the counter in any chemist eg Cetrine allergy or Zirtek. If they are not enough your GP can issue special eye drops, nose spray,stronger anti histamine tablets or liquid and creams for your skin for rashes or bites.
Don’t let it stop you enjoying the sunshine and getting outside – just avoid sitting on freshly cut grass or near lots of plants and flowers if you have bad hayfever. 

Thanks Sharon, you are truly lovely x

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