You take out your phone to have a “quick” scroll through TikTok and all of a sudden its four hours later, you’re in the pitch dark and you’re wondering where the time went. We’re all a little bit guilty of this. But, you get to see some amazing things on TikTok and this post is about one particular idea that we loved so much we are not only going to share it, we’re going to share how to make it too!!!

It is called Your Happy Happenings Jar! A little jar that stores all the good things that have happened to you!

You can be as plain or as creative as you’d like, but we’ll give you the bits and bobs needed to make a Happy Happens Jar that falls somewhere in the middle 🥰

So what you’ll need:

A Jar: A shape or size that you’d like.

Paper: We think some coloured paper would look extra cute to write your notes on.

Paint: Any kind of paint to jazz up your jar. Let your creativity run wild!

PVA Glue: This is to add a little protective layer over your lovely painted design to stop it from chipping.

Thats it, simple enough don’t you think?


Now that you have your jar ready, what have you got to do?

Step 1: You get your jar and put a title on it, for example, “My Happy Happenings”.

Step 2: Whenever something good happens in your life, you jot it down on a piece of paper and pop it in your jar.

Step 3: At the end of the year (or however long you can wait) you open up the jar and read about all the amazing things that happened in your life.

Step 4: You start looking for the good things everyday (without even realising it).

Step 5: You appreciate all the little things and start feeling a little more positive each day.


If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, check out @avanaco ‘s TikTok below!

Have you tried this out? We would love it if you shared your creation with us! You can find us on Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter on @shonadotie 😁😁

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