When Friendship Twinning copying gets out of hand 1

We’ve all heard the old phrase “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, right? It may sound like something out of ye olde times, but it still actually makes sense. Let’s put it this way… Have you ever gotten your mitts on a pair of trainers that you have literally been wanting your whole life, and then your bestie rocks up with the EXACT SAME pair the next day? You might be absolutely into twinning with your ride or die or you might feel like they are stealing your thunder. Either way, chances are that they just love your vibe and want to style it out like you, which makes this a big compliment. 

Buuuuuuuut, this can sometimes get out of hand, and you can feel as though someone is totally copying you. When we say copy you, we mean everything. Yep, we mean your thrifted jeans, your nose piercing and even your bangs that we hope to God you haven’t given yourself at midnight in your bathroom because someone on TikTok convinced you you could do it. 

When Friendship Twinning copying gets out of hand 2

We get it. You can get flustered, irritated and even just upset when this just keeps happening time and time again. You’re personal style and uniqueness might feel like it is being taken away from you. And that feels CRAP! But, take a step back for a sec and be real with yourself. Is it worth popping off about? Chances are, they aren’t copying you maliciously, they are just trying to fit in. 

Having been around the sun a couple of dozens of times, we’ve been in your shoes, and wanted to share how we’ve coped with a friend that took twinning to a whole other level! 

When Friendship Twinning copying gets out of hand 3

Take It As A Compliment

We’ve said it above and we’ll say it again, they just love your style and want to be like you. So, hold your head up high and go out and keep being the style icon that your bestie thinks you are! 

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Don’t Read Into It

We are all guilty of an overthinking spiral. Especially, when it’s something new you notice and you go full-on Nancy Drew mode (please tell us that isn’t us sharing another old person reference?), then you start to obsess and you are picking up on tiny things you wouldn’t have ever noticed before. 

But, next time, before you go ape shit, have a think. Is it just coincidental? Is the thing that they are copying you on something that is really popular at the moment? We are all hugely influenced, sometimes subliminal, by those who live in our bubble. Remember 2021-22 when every single one of us had white Air Force? You didn’t start that trend, honey. Chances are you like similar things – you are besties after all – and they are just keeping up with what’s hot rather than keeping up with *insert your name here*

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Don’t Overshare

This wouldn’t be our first solution and we are by no means saying lie or hide things from a bestie, but if you find that they are constantly trying to be you 2.0, and they are doing it for many areas of your life – like copying your style, college course, weekend plans – then maybe don’t tell them every little detail about everything – just for a little while. They might catch on that their behaviour is a little bit of a red flag for you, or they might ask you what is going on. Either way, it leads nicely into our next point… 

When Friendship Twinning copying gets out of hand 6

Talk It Out

We are firm believers in the power of a heart-to-heart. If this is really starting to get between you and a night’s sleep, it’s time to sit them down and hash it out. Now, do not blindside them, don’t attack them, and most importantly, don’t get bitchy. They probably haven’t realised this is as big of a deal for you, and are more than happy to just listen to how you are honestly feeling. This could be your opportunity to help them explore their individuality and find their own style! Who doesn’t love a good shopping trip to be fair?  

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Honestly, it’s a tricky situation, but there are plenty of ways to navigate the situation before losing your shit. Most of the time, your friend isn’t out of copying you out of spite, it often comes from a place of insecurity. So next time you get a little frustrated, take a breath, think it through and then try and deal with it as gently as possible. Buuuuut maybe post a snap of the trainers first, you know, so everyone knows you’re the real style icon 😉

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