You know those images you see of models scantily clad looking seductive and effortlessly flawless? Well, a lot of effort has likely been put into that “effortless” look…More than likely there has been some mouse clicking in the form of digital distortion.

So what is digital distortion?

Well, my friends, distortion is when you alter the original shape or characteristics of something. So, digital distortion is when you do this digitally through some sort of computer software. Drag in the waist here, smooth out those legs and a quick boob job…it is everywhere in the media, but Dove are looking to change that…

Dove is leading the way when it comes to being real with their campaigns. They have announced that beginning this month, their campaigns will be given a “No Digital Distortion Mark” in order to ensure that their images are real, true and accurate representations of women. Yay for that, because I am sick of seeing that “perfect” bod (rolls eyes). It’s hoped that by January 2019, all their static imagery campaigns, (basically, the pictures and not the videos) will be given this seal of approval.

The idea behind the Mark is to help women tell the difference between what is real and what is not. Let’s hope other large brands like this follow suit because this is one inspiring step towards acceptance of all body shapes in the media.

Lots of body positive love,



Dove have been leaders in the body postitivity movement for years. Check out their campaigns here, here and here.

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